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Orthodontic Treatment

If you cover your mouth when you smile, you might want to get some metal in there. If you are ashamed of your smile, you might want to pay a visit to us to get a perfect smile that u always wanted!! Children and adults receive quality orthodontic care provided with unmatched personal attention.

We at THE DENTAL OFFICE believe each smile is unique and look forward to creating a smile that is a work of art that will benefit you for a lifetime.

Types of Braces
We offer a variety of orthodontic treatment, you are encouraged to visit our Best Orthodontist in Faridabad and general dentists for an orthodontic consultation to see what options are recommended for you.

Metal Braces
Appliance is made of metal, to align the teeth and jaw and correct crooked teeth. These type of braces are visible.

Ceramic Braces
Provides more aesthetic appeal as they are tooth colored, but they are still also comprised of wires and metal.

Passive Self-Ligating
This is a system that is self-ligating and does not require the use of elastic rings to hold the wires.

Lingual Arch Braces
These are the same traditional metal braces but are placed behind the teeth.

Clear Aligners/Invisible braces
Appliance is made of clear resin worn directly on the teeth. The most common clear aligning braces are Invisalign. They are the removable plastic trays which are worn in a sequence till the desired results are obtained. This is the innovation in the orthodontic treatment as no brackets and wires are used. Each aligner moves your teeth little bit till the desired results are achieved. Highly recommended for travel patients and adult patients.